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The 1st International Young pianist competition for Soloists, will take place in Vienna(Austria) from
June 10th to 12th, 2022,. The registration process will finish on May 30th , 2022.
The participants will be classified in two categories:
• Category A 2006-2008 fee euro 80
• Category B: 2002-2005 fee euro100
Franz Schubert Konservatorium Wien AT
IBAN: AT42 3621 8000 0021 2589
2.-Scoring and awards:
Scores are established based on the assessment made by the jury, expressed in up to 100/100 points
for Category A,B and determine the allocation of the following prizes:
I° Classified: (from 95 to 99 points/100) will receive a certificate of First Prize and
scholarship euro 600 and concert
II° Classified: (from 90 to 94 points) will receive a Certificate of Second Prize and
scholarship euro 400
III° Classified: (from 85 to 89 points) will receive a Certificate of Third Prize. And
ascholarship euro200
The other participants receive a Certificate of participation in the contest.
To enter the competition, applicants shall submit the registration before May 15th, 2022. The
Registration Request Form, attached bellow, can be completed online and sent to the following
email: direktion@fsk.at
The submission must include:
• Application for registration.
• Copy of the ID card or passport.
• Copy of the return of bank deposit for payment of the fee.
• Program : Cat A free choise maximum 25 min, Cat B free choise max 35 minutes
If the contestants are underage, they must submit a parental consent or his representative, specifying
the level of kinship.
The calendar and schedule of tests will be reported by mail to all participants after closing of
The Competition will be in Vienna, at Absberggasse27,top 9. 1100 Vienna
Auditorium Franz Schubert Konservatorium

Franz Schubert Konservatorium - 1100 Wien, Absberggasse 27 - Zertifizierte nichtschulische Bildungseinrichtung
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